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  • Canada is inviting more than 1.2 million immigrants by 2023
  • Huge demand for skilled professionals.
  • Free medical ,free education for children.
  • Huge earning potential.
  • Better option than H1B Visa

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    Canada Express Entry

    The fastest way of immigrating to Canada is through Express Entry. The Express Entry program processes most applications in six months or less. Applicants who have one year of skilled work experience in occupations, which are high in demand in Canada, are eligible to apply to migrate to Canada under this program leading to Permanent Residency. It is a great opportunity for those looking to work & settle in Canada.

    Canada has ranked again as No. 1 country to live in the sixth edition of U.S. News & World Report’s annual rankings released recently.

    The North American country ranked first in both the Quality of Life and Social Purpose sub-rankings, meaning that it is seen as a stable and safe society in which individuals can develop and prosper, and is open, fair and equitable. Most of the countries that ranked highest for 2021 come from Western Europe. But Australia, New Zealand and Japan – which is ranked No. 2 overall – also appeared in the top 10.

    Canada Requires Skilled Professionals.

    • Canada urgently needs skilled professionals in the areas of Information and Technology,Engineering ,Medical ,Hospitality, Banking ,Sales & Marketing,Finance& Accounting (and many more…. )

    • Canada Immigration Program, has set a target of welcoming over 400,000 new immigrants per year, beginning in the year 2021.

    • In next 3 years under Canada Permanent Resident Visa Programs ,more than 1.2 million immigrants, mainly comprised of qualified skilled professionals, will migrate to Canada under different visa categories. There are many pathways to immigrate to Canada and secure Canadian permanent residence

    Canada Immigration Perspectives: Why Does Canada Need Immigrants?

    Skilled workers are welcomed under the economic class to support Canada’s high living standards. Canada has an aging population and low birth rate which is why most of the immigrants it welcomes are skilled workers. Canada needs these skilled workers to support its labour force and economic growth. These skilled workers arrive with strong language skills, work experience, and education, and desire to succeed. Hence, they play a vital role in Canada’s efforts to support economic growth and social services such as education and universal health care.

    Benefits Of Having A Canada PR Visa.

    Major benefits for those who become Canadian permanent residents:

    • A Booming economy with lots of jobs

    • Huge earning and saving potential.

    • Salary range CAD 72000 to 110000

    • Excellent medical and health care treatment for free

    • Free high-quality education ( To All Children Under Age of 18)

    • High quality of life. A safe and pollution free country with a lot of space

    • Social services and social security benefits

    • A multicultural and welcoming society Visa

    • Opportunity to invite parent’s post-settlement.

    • Canada Retirement Pension Plan provides several types of benefits and is among the best in the world. One can start full CPP retirement benefits at age 65.

    • Canadian passport allows holders to travel visa free to a large number of prominent countries.

    Canada Salary Range In Major Occupations

    1 Canadian Dollar = INR 60.40 As on 1st June 21

    IT Professionals $ 75k to $1.2 Lac
    Engineers $ 70 k to $ 95k
    Sales & Marketing $ 60k to $ 90 k
    Human Resources $ 60k to $ 80k
    Finance & Account $ 55k to $ 90k
    Teaching $ 50k to $ 85k
    Hospitality $ 45k to $ 75k
    Dentists/Other Medicals $ 55k to $ 95k
    Public Relation $ 45k to $ 75k
    Retail Manager $ 45k to $ 65k
    Food services $ 35k to $ 55k
    Architect $ 55k to $75k
    Hospitality( Managers) $ 45 k to $ 65k

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    Canada under its’ Immigration / PR visa programs, offers one of the world’s most open and dynamic immigration systems. There are over 100 different Canadian immigration pathways for skilled workers, business people, and families.

    Who Is Eligible To Apply Under Skilled Worker Category?

    • Should be a graduate
    • 3+ years of experience under skilled occupation.
    • Occupation has to be on demand list.
    • Must be aged below 45
    • Must be proficient in English

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